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The Euphoniums and Baritones


Solo Euphonium - Danny Lowery
It was April 1993, The Bluebells were at number 1 in the charts with ‘Young at Heart’, England World Cup winner Bobby Moore had recently passed away, Bill Clinton had [more]...


2nd Euphonium - Wendy Spencer
Wendy began learning euphonium at Ogilvie High School in Hobart, Tasmania [more]...

1st Baritone - Andy Dodd
Andy has played musical instruments for as long as he can remember.He also had a go at the violin [more]...


2nd Baritone - Paul Thomason
Paul began banding in 1971 whilst at School and joined the School Band on Eb Bass. He also played for the Warrington Junior Band [more]...


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The Euphs and Baris

Flixton's Euph's and Bari's pictured before performing at Blackpool, 2017

The band has 2 euphoniums and 2 baritones. The euphonium is the 2nd most used solo position following the principal cornet. The solo euphonium is supported by the 2nd euphonium and baritones and the player often plays duets with the principal cornet. The baritones often work with the trombones and horns. They are also used alongside the Euphoniums for counter-melody.